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TORA: Go ahead and send this as is with my intro paragraphs, and I am attaching the three most important emails from Marte below my signature explaining who Gus (Jim Jensen) was, and when the Gathering is.

Send it all as is, even if it gets wordy and most of the people on your e-lists are too young to remember Gus. What a character, but Aksel had him and Finn cabin counselors when Aksel was 9. Talk about Culture Shock!

AKSEL: If it fits your website subject matter and criteria, and you have time to summarize this, could you post something on the Skog-Oldie page? Maybe Tora could remind her e-list of Aksel's Skogfjorden web list and password.

I realize many of you were too young to know him, but he was a camper the second year of Skogfjorden (1964), and worked his way up to CIT, Asst. Counselor, Counselor, Staff Counselor, etc. He was mainly there in the '60s and early '70s, and we loved him dearly--what a cuddly teddy bear...and he played guitar, sang, and wrote poetry. He had the greatest sense of humor! It was impossible to be crabby around him.

In the event someone on Tora's list remembers him, or someone finds it on the SkogAlum page, they are more than welcome to attend the Memorial Service (mainly Skogfjorden folks) on Sunday at Mindekirken in Mpls.

Mange takk, Gamle Sonja
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#1 12/29/06
Subject: Gustav er død

Dear Skogfjordenites, past and present,
I know most of you are MUCH too young to have known Gustav, but I send this on the off chance. Gustav, AKA Jim Jensen, died last Thursday. He began at Skogfjorden the same year I did--1964 (I was only 2, you know!). He continued attending camp first as camper, then Dean's Aid, counselor, staff counselor, etc. etc. until the early 70s. He was especially known for his guitar playing (back in the 60s we used to sing "Hey Jude" med full hals when we were traveling somewhere by bus!), and his wicked sense of humor.

He kind of dropped away from the Norwegian scene after then, until about 5 years ago, when Kristi Synsteby and I turned him on to Virtual Norway and the Internet. Unfortunately by that time his health did not permit him to actually travel to Norway, but he found great pleasure in, Norskklassen, and lots of other web sites. He even began a correspondence with some miscellaneous Norwegian who runs a weather site. He also wrote more than once to Per Egil Hegge, the Aftenposten language columnist. Gustav var opptatt av språk! Every possible detail with grammar, nuance, usage. He used to send me lists of words he had found on the web that weren't in any dictionary--what do these mean???

This interests finally led him to the project that became his obsession the last 3 years--Nelsbok publishing. He is the man behind the new versions of Naiv. Super. by Erlend Loe--(you know, the one with marginal glosses and end glossary), Jernvognen, by Stein Riverton, and its English translation, The Iron Chariot. The first two have been used in Norwegian instruction both at colleges and universities and at Mindekirken. He said the English translation has been a good seller at import shops. They are all available through (you can see sample pages), as well as Skandisk. He had great plans for more books in the series, but unfortunately didn't live to see that happen.

Anyway, if anyone out there does remember him, there will be a memorial service at Mindekirken in Minneapolis, on Sunday Jan. 7 beginning at 2 pm. It will be a time for stories, singing, good food (his wife Linda promises smørbrød, fruit, veggies and cookies). Dere er hjertelig velkommen!

Med vennlig hilsen
Marte (1964-1978)

#2 12/29/06

Hei hei!
I just had a voicemail from Linda--phone tag (one of my sons on the phone when she called!). Anway, she has tentatively (she said, though it sounded pretty definite) scheduled a room at Mindekirken for Sunday Jan. 7 from 2-4 pm. It is a smaller room, that holds 30-40 people, with plenty of room for songs, story telling, etc. She has arranged for some light food with the Mindekirken catering folks.

I think it would be nice to sing some of the song he liked:
Det står ein friar
Skogfjorden (Nidelven)
Vi skal ikke sova

Other ideas?

Could we manage Hey Jude??? I guess he has a couple of cousins who will also bring musical instruments--guitar, banjo, perhaps accordion?


#3 1/3/07

Hei hei!
If anyone has any pictures of Gustav from the Skogfjorden days, his wife, Linda, would really appreciate having them for the gathering on Sunday.  You could scan and email to me or Kristi "Kristi T. Synsteby" , or bring them on Sunday.

Don't forget, Sunday Jan. 7 2 pm at Mindekirken:

How to find Mindekirken:Location:

1 block south of E. Franklin at 10th. Ave. South
(between Chicago and Bloomington Ave.)
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Parking:  Entrances to parking lot from 10th Ave S., and from E. 21st Street - shared parking lot aside City-County Federal Credit UnionMailing address:

924 E. 21st St.
Minneapolis, MN 55404-2952

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Tusen takk!